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Seido Karate - What We Offer

At Seido Karate Upper Hutt we offer you TWO FREE lessons to come along and try our training programmes (which address fitness, self defence, confidence, coordination, flexibility and stress management). We find that most beginners stay and train with us after their first two free lessons.

The aerobic-type exercises, in our programmes, will help strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. This will also help reduce your stress level. As you get fitter, you will feel good about yourself in whatever you do. You will trim down while you firm up. You will get that healthy look and feeling which can attract more opportunities in life.

Our training programmes include self defence techniques to suit beginners to advanced students which will give them more confidence to deal with threatening situations. These programmes will also give you self-discipline and co-ordination and as you train with us you will meet lots of energetic, caring and friendly people in Seido Karate.

We offer discount rates for additional family members. Our dojo is well equipped with training facilities such as weights, focus pads and kicking/punching bags. We also have our own changing rooms and social facilities. So when you are ready, why don't you contact us?