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Seido Children's Programmes

Children's programs are flourishing throughout the Seido Karate system. Seido, meaning "sincere way", has special application in our children's programs. Your child will train in a welcoming, encouraging and fun atmosphere. Please note the starting age for children is recommended at 7 years of age.


We develop a child's competence and ability to handle difficult situations by helping them focus on their individual strengths. Seido Karate empowers children to make decisions.

Our belt system builds confidence through the recognition of achievement in an environment which is fair, supportive, and founded on integrity. We assess what is an appropriate goal for each individual child and provide honest, authentic praise.

Our family classes develop closer ties between parents, children, and siblings. We foster healthy relationships that reinforce positive messages.

Seido Karate teaches a solid set of morals and values. We embrace diversity while promoting the sincere way. While our black belts set an excellent example to all students, selected members of our youth program provide positive role models for the younger children.

Our students appreciate their unique value in society. We stress the benefits of a generous spirit and the importance of serving others. We create opportunities where children can contribute in a specific way.

Through better control of the body, better control of breathing, and better control of the mind, your child's coping skills will increase exponentially. At Seido Karate, we focus on positive behaviors to handle life's stresses and anxieties.

Seido Karate teaches traditional karate and the disciplines associated with martial arts. Our students learn that, through their karate training, they have the ability to make a difference. Positive actions bring positive results.

In a world that often seems increasingly complex, we teach children to be confident in their own ability. Training at Seido Karate helps strengthen character and solidify family ties. We develop coping skills and a sense of community. Students of Seido Karate exercise strong minds, build healthy bodies, and nurture a happy spirit.