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Seido Karate - Our Mission

Our mission at Seido Karate Upper Hutt is to provide a safe and supportive training environment for members to learn and develop to their full potential through the values and philosophies of Seido Karate.

Seido Karate is a way of life - it helps us to learn about life through our training. The Dojo (training centre) becomes a special place for us to learn the basics of life such as how to respect ourselves for what we are and what we have, how to respect others for who and what they are, regardless of whatever limitations we or they may have. It also teaches how to look after ourselves (physically and mentally) so that we are in the position to act or function within our full potential.

Through the values and philosophies of Seido Karate Upper Hutt, we learn about love, respect and obedience (the corner stones of Seido Juku Karate).

RESPECT: - an act of giving particular attention, consideration and esteem. Respect for others is paramount in developing a caring attitude and benevolence for fellow human beings.

LOVE: - the unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. We learn to be benevolent in our actions as well as our word - giving ourselves for no gain but to benefit others.

OBEDIENCE: - an act or instance of obeying. Obedience to the higher moral values that must make up our society for everyone to flourish. Our responsibility to other members of society must never be forgotten and also a reminder to ourselves of our duties as citizens and responsible members of society.